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In no particular order...
(Click on them to get a larger pic.)
The Gallery of team photos... which do you think represents us best?

Bear (a friend) and Cannon-Fodder looking cool

Freshman Bob

Jessica the Wife (Dan the Man's Wife) Check out her matching shirt!! Tres Cool!

Yardog - "I think I know what we are doing wrong...", Muzikman - "Not making our bunkers?"

All of us

Why is it every year there is a pic of niteHawk like this?

niteHawk - "What do you mean I have to do this next year??"

Finding the shade before a game

We ARE a tournament team *hehehe*

Sushman and niteHawk

niteHawk, MovieGuy, and Muzikman in the Taco

Nice shot of a lot of us on the field

FreshmanBob - Bobing it up!

Waiting for the whistle

Some shots of our breaks

Another break

Another break

Another break

Another break

Another break

Dan the Man and niteHawk

Group shot on the field

Another Group shot on the field

Another Group shot on the field

Mascot (before he reloads *hehe)

Mascot and Sushman

Mascot and Yardog

MovieGuy deciding he wants to play the front for once...

MovieGuy actually getting to the 50 and setting up...

MovieGuy finding out what happens at the front ;-)

MovieGuy and niteHawk sweetspotting from the back

niteHawk and Dan the Man laying coverfire

niteHawk playing the taco

Sushman showing us all how the front is played....

or not... ;-)

Yardog and Sushman playing the 'U'

niteHawk's finger... this is one week AFTER IAO... man that hurt!!

Bartman, MovieGuy, and niteHawk

Cannon-Fodder, Yardog, FreshmanBob, niteHawk, and MovieGuy pose for an "After" pic

We try to get Jom from Compulsivepaintball in the Pic with us - "Im not getting in a pic with you guys... something always happens"


Craig Palmer - "Can't you guys talk about anything else but paintball?"

Freashman Bob - "Hey Look Pods!"

So.. who told the nice waitress that it was MovieGuy's Birthday? ;-)

Sushman - "Nothing up my sleeve..."

"You guys really Really suck *sniffle*"

Jessica the Wife - "You are all weirdos". MovieGuy - "who us?"

See y'all next year - y'hear?

From Cannon-Fodder:

The Progression of a break - 1

The Progression of a break - 2

The Progression of a break - 3
Notice nH doesn't run :-)

Dan the Man in Action!

Another shot of MG at the 30

Break shot

In the Laydown

Safe at Second!

10-second warning

This is Gonna Hurt (MG in the Middle)

Yardog sliding

You Guys Ready?

Strategy session


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