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Hello and welcome to the new information site for Team POG (Palmer Owner's Group)!!!

Since we have gone to several events and are planning on doing more, I figured that it was about time we had something "Official". My goal is to provide a resource for the people that may have played us, and want to know more, and for future POG Teams that need information for about the next events. Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see here. Thanks, niteHawk

A little History of Team POG:
Team POG (Palmer Owners Group) is made up of players from different geographic areas and playing experience. Our members have met on the internet through the Palmer's Owner Group (http://www.paintmagazine.com/pog) of whose membership consists of players who own paintball guns designed by Glenn Palmer. It is considered by many to be the benchmark for paintball owners groups on the web. Membership is open to all owners of Palmer paintball guns.

We play for the sheer fun of the game (except for Yardog who was there to WIN the Talon Tourney!!). Generally playing against teams who have the advantage of playing together more than once or twice a year. I like to think that we all have fun proving that the latest and greatest isn't any better than the solid workmanship of a hand crafted gun. The Palmers have been extremly supportive in our quest, and if we did not honestly beleive in the machines that they put in our hands, we would be playing with different guns, and for different teams.

We also use this team as a way to introduce new players to Tournament play. There are a lot of recreational players that have never been to a tournament, let alone one of the biggest tourneys in the world. Team P.O.G. offers the opportunity to "play with the big boys", without having to find/form a team, and without the "Win at all costs" mentality. We are there to Play Fair, and have fun.... winning is on the list, but a distant third. I am proud to see that several of our members have gone on to playing with other, more serious teams, and some have even formed thier own teams (One of which won the overall sportsmanship at ZAP/Am 2000).

The team has played (in various incarnations) in the every International Amateur Open from 1998 through 2004, and SkyBall '99.

We are proud to be sponsored by Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Thanks especially to Glenn, Craig, and Lori at PPS - for believing in us and helping us along the way!


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