Well, I found a bunch of old Paintball magazines and Catalogs from '91 - '95, and since a lot of people have asked about certain guns from the old days I decided to throw this up as a starting point - there will be more added as I get some time to do the scans :-)
If you have anything to add, let me know,

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Desert Duck Magazine Article
Paintball Magazine 12/91

PMS Beast Advertisment
circa. 1992

BE90 and Splatmaster pricing
T.A.S.O. Catalog 1991

Nelson Challenger Advertisment
circa 1992

Duece Paintball Gun Advertisment
circa 1992

.3357 and 007 Challenger pricing
I&I Catalog 1995

Catalog page announcing the new Phantom Revolution
I&I Catalog 1995

Razorback III Advertisment
circa 1992

TM-11A Paintball Gun Advertisment
circa 1992

Rebel Mk II Gun Advertisment
from ironnerd88@aol.com

Wintec Thunderbolt Gun Advertisment
circa 1992


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